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Production of Esfahan Ayegh Rotobati Layebafan

Esfahan Ayegh Rotobati Co. started its activity in Isfahan Province in 1997 under Laye Bafan brand.


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What is Geotextile ?

Geotextiles, based on polyesters (PES/PET) and Polypropylenes (P.P) are in the two woven and non-woven forms.
The most important functions of geotextiles in the construction industry and civil engineering include: drainage, protection, erosion control, separation, filtration, and reinforcement

Geotextile applications

  • Extraction in roads

    The prime reason for road failure is the injection of adjoining layers into aggregate foundation, which results in decreased strength of aggregate layers.

  • Road substructure

    Considering the condition of the place, geotextiles have some primary functions. They are used in the separation of subgrade and rock and aggregate materials.

  • Road coating

    The main cause of destruction in coating is the unwanted injection of water into the structure through cracks in the surface of the coat.

  • Dam construction

    In dam construction, geotextiles are used in water proofing and preventing the leakage of water from the dam body and the gradual demolition of the dam.

  • Railroad substructure

    In this function, geotextiles fortify railroads. They help to geometrically protect railroad bed and separate ballast and sub-ballast materials and ...

  • Erosion control

    Geotextiles are used in drainage, coasts, protection systems and wharfs.

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